How to be Thankful all Year

Thankful All Year

Many families spend time in the month of November brainstorming things they are thankful for. Some make cute themed crafts or just use it as the topic of conversation at Thanksgiving dinner. This year I want to try something new and involve my now three year old.

I want her to spend time thinking about what she is thankful for, but I want to take it a step further. I believe we should be thankful all year long and show our children what a thankful heart looks like during all the seasons. So I came up with a fun activity to do in November or December that will carry through each month of the next year.

Spend time with your children at some point and come up with 12 things they are thankful for. Younger ones may need a little coaching or you could get donuts as an answer for all twelve haha. Actually, let’s go with donuts as an example of something we are thankful for. When you think of donuts you may think of the stereotypical association of cops and donuts.

Now I know you are probably wondering where I’m going with this but please stick with me. What I want you and your kids to do is take each thing you are thankful for and connect it to an act of kindness. So…donuts remind you of cops which could lead you to decide to bring donuts into your local station! And let’s say you picked April to do this act of service. Now you just need eleven more!

By the end you should have 12 things they are thankful for connected to 12 acts of kindness which are separated one per month for the next year.

Here are some examples:

  • January – Olaf: Invite friends to build a snowman (real or maybe a craft) for a winter playdate.
  • February – Lights: Donate money for electricity
  • March – Trees: Have a picnic under a tree for friend or family member surprise.
  • April – Donuts: Donuts for Cops
  • May – Rocks: Rocks with kind words to hide at the park
  • June Books: donate books to a classroom or buy new books for a teach to use.
  • July¬†– Backpack: Fill a backpack with school supplies for a upcoming drive.
  • August – Skirts: Donate clothes to a children’s organization.
  • September – Grandparents: Send Grandparents something crafted or if local help do something at their house like yardwork.
  • October – Stickers: Make some blessing bags sealed with a sticker to have in your car.
  • November – Kitchen stool: lift someone’s spirits up and buy their coffee or lunch.
  • December – Toys: Have kids shop for a toy to donate.

Download a worksheet I created to use to brainstorm ideas! 

Thankful All Year List

To My Daughters

Having a thankful heart can help you so much in life. A daily practice of gratitude has helped me stay focused each day on what matters most in life. Life gets crazy and the years go by fast so being thankful can help you enjoy the present moments and connect with those in your life.

I am so thankful to be your Mommy and get to watch you both grow and learn more each day. I thank God for his blessings and how He provides what we need. I am thankful for your Daddy and how he takes care of us and loves us so. I am thankful for joy and how it radiates from you both. I also thankful for our health and that we can go outside and be active.

Always say thank you and serve others with a heart of gratitude.

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  1. Dorie

    I love this idea! We are working on repeating “we are thankful for what we have. We have so much.” Kids really pick up on mama and daddy’s heart of gratefulness. Thanks for the application.

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