Mom Goals of 2019

Mom Goals are the best Goals

I am one of those people who believes in making goals at the beginning of each year. I like to have something in my mind to work towards, plus I love the feeling if checking off big to do items.

The new year is a great time to reflect on life and see where God is leading you. We all have something we can work towards whether it be in the area of organization, fitness, nutrition, travel, love, & more. I think the best way to make goals is to make them specific and short term. The more you can achieve, the more you will want to work towards your goals.

For instance in the area of fitness, one goal I want to accomplish is complete my Jillian Micheal’s fitness program I have. I have done it 3 times in the past and I’m ready to switch up my fitness routine a bit. It’s a 60 day program so my goal is to finish it by my birthday, March 26th.

So including the goal above here are my goals for 2019:


(feel free to follow along on my fitness IG: @fitmomrach)

1. Complete fitness program by March 26th

2. Start a yoga challenge in the next month

3. Practice handstands and work towards one arm handstand against wall


1. Try intermittent fasting

2. No more packages cookies and chips

3. Make sure half of your plate is vegetables

4. Cut out cheese


1. Clean out closet every 4 months

2. Sell/get rid of baby toys etc

3. Less is more


1. Complete and publish ABC fitness guide for kids by June

2. Two new blog posts a month

3. Write a sponsored blog post

4. Incorporate more fitness


1. Plan 2 fun adventures for the kids

2. Save to visit family

3. One date night per month with hubby


1. Get certified in Group Fitness by July

2. Pay off big chunk of car debt

3. Get educated on what leaving the military looks like

4. Spend time with Jesus each day

5. Play more worship music out loud at home

6. Let Christ shine from you and share His joy with others

Give it to Jesus

I have learned in my life that God’s plan for your life will prevail. We can have a plan and idea of what should happen but ultimately God has the best plan for our life. So, I make these goals with the mindset that God could have something different planned. Goals are still good though and an opportunity to listen to God and discover His will for your life.

This past year I have earned two new fitness related certifications, learned to love my body after two babies, ran more regularly than I ever have before, made new friends, and remembered my love for worshiping out loud in my home. As a family we have celebrated a first birthday for Ellie, 3rd birthday for Izzy, and 8 years of marriage. We enjoyed an awesome vacation to Disney World and can’t wait to go again one day! We have paid off some debt and worked hard to stick to our budget. God has blessed us and continues to show His faithfulness.

To My Daughters

Make goals and work hard towards them. Let God lead you and help you decide what things you should focus on each year. Make spending time with Him a priority and goal each day.

Let your goals be things that will help make you the best version of you. One special goal I have this year is to pray over you both every night. I’ll pray for your health, understanding of God’s love, that you experience joy, and for your future adventures in education and love.

I love you both more than anything and will always love you no matter what.

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