Our Favorite Children Books

Our favorite children books are a mixture of ones I loved as a child and new ones we have discovered since having Izzy. Every night at bedtime she picks out a book or two to read and she definitely has her favorites.

I have very distinct memories reading certain books as a child and they bring me a feeling of joy getting to share them with my daughters.

Having books out and available for the girls is important to me. I want them to be able to enjoy them whenever. We also keep a few in the car. Doing homeschool Pre-K with Izzy this year has opened up another opportunity to read and I love finding books in our collection that help enforce what she is learning.

Here are some of our current favorites:

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

Arianna and the Strawberry Tea by Maria Faulconer

The Beginners Bible for Toddlers by Zondervan

God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Peek-a-WHO? By Nina Laden

Discover Books

When I was looking at what books to get the girls for Christmas (see Toddler Gift Guide) I wanted this book that was going to cost $19.99 brand new. We can’t afford that right now so I thought I would do a Google search and see where else I could get it.

Did you know there are used book websites? I used them in college to get books so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before for children’s books. Anyways. There were a few different sites and I chose Discover Books. There were offering a promo on the purchase of three books so I found a few I wanted. Remember that $20 book I wanted…well I found it for $3.98! I was so excited!

I have since received the books and they were in decent condition. A little dirty but I wiped them down as I do books I purchase from the thrift store. The ones I got do look used but I kind of like that other kids enjoyed them and they have a history.

Discover Books has a rewards program and if you use my link you get 15% off and I get a coupon as well! Shop here and let me know what books you pick up!

Here are some that I’ve already ordered or will order:

That’s Not My Dinosaur – https://www.discoverbooks.com/Thats-Not-My-Dinosaur-Usborne-Touchy-Feely-Books-p/079450129x.htm

Each Peach Pear Plum – https://www.discoverbooks.com/Each-Peach-Pear-Plum-board-book-Viking-Kestrel-P-p/067088278x.htm

A New Coat for Anna – https://www.discoverbooks.com/A-New-Coat-for-Anna-Dragonfly-Books-Harriet-Zie-p/0394898613.htm

Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Toes – https://www.discoverbooks.com/Eyes-amp-Nose-Fingers-amp-Toes-Sesame-Begin-p/b000jpe19m.htm

5 Minute Princess Stories – https://www.discoverbooks.com/5-Minute-Princess-Stories-5-Minute-Stories-Disn-p/1423146573.htm

To My Daughters

You both love reading books and it is a special time at night when I can cuddle with you and read a story. I hope to keep that routine going for as much as your childhood as possible. I try to include new books when giving you gifts for your birthday or a holiday. I am looking forward to the holiday season ahead and some of the new ones I have for you both.

I pray you will always spend time in the greatest book of all time, the Bible. It is God’s Word and full of amazing stories. Reading it will help you stay close to God and hear from Him. Isabella you have already started memorizing verses and I love seeing His words being imprinted on your heart. It challenges me to continue to dive into the Bible and memorize more.

Read lots of books. Dive into adventures, love stories, inspiring life tips, and most importantly the love of our Savior.

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