Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday

I have loved planning birthday parties for my girls. My first has had a mermaid party, tea party, and recently an ice cream party. I will admit I went a little crazy for her first birthday, so when it came time for Ellie’s I tried to tone it down a bit. The theme came to me because she has some night themed nursery decor and when I saw the ‘Litttle Star’ onesie at Target. So…. I searched Pinterest for all the inspiration.


Her headband was from Amazon and I loved it so much for her. Like I said before the onesie is from Target and her skirt was made by my mom. She took strips of fabric and lace and fastened them to an elastic band. Loved the whole look!

The skirt concept was also used for the highchair skirt. We then added a wooden star ornament and foam 1.


The party was in the morning after her first nap so we decided brunch would be best. We made omelet muffins, blueberry mini smoothies, blueberry muffins, fruit salad, and turkey cheddar roll ups. We also experimented with a blueberry butter which actually turned out delicious and nay need to happen again.

Table Decor

For decorations I mainly used things I had around the house. The brown craft paper added a great touch to the tables and signage. I gathered trays, buckets, and vases from storage. I purchased a few things like confetti, ornaments, and star bowls but all were found on clearance. The farthest out you can plan a theme in advance the better so you can watch clearance bins for things that will work. For instance I decided on the theme when she was only a few months old so I was able to purchase star items in the 4th of July clearance.


The more personalized you can make the party the better in my opinion. We did a plate guest book with Izzy so I knew we had to do it for Ellie too. Once the party is over your mail in the sheet and they send you a plate with whatever is inside the circle. You can find the kit here (they have different versions of designs but all include the blank paper and markers).

For the info chalkboard print I purchased a template from Etsy and then edited it on a photo editing website. Then I printed it at my local Walgreens as an 8×10. Buying that template was the best purchase because I can use it for both kids and every birthday going forward.

The star wands below were a fun favor the kids could play with. You can find them here.

The Cake

Staying with the brunch idea I was hooked on a waffle cake after I saw the idea on Pinterest. I used Bisquick Heart Healthy baking mix and just added lots of sprinkles. I did use some frosting to secure the layers but then the rest was nondairy whipped cream. Ellie loved it (see below)!

The candle was from the dollar store I just scraped off the colored outline, laid down some strong glue, and then sprinkled on some purple sequins (Dollar Tree).

Extra Decor

The star streamers we’re cut from long strands purchased on Amazon and Wish. The Happy Birthday banner can be found at Walmart in the party supplies section. I loved using things from her bedroom like her plaid E that usually hangs above her crib. I also loved using twinkle lights and white Christmas lights for added twinkle.

To My Ellie Belly

You are are my rainbow baby and a blessing to our family. I love having a little sister so I know you and Izzy will be best friends. You might not always get along but she loves you so much and would do anything for you! You came into this world peacefully and eyes wide in wonder. Your curiosity makes each day full of messes but its still a good quality to have and will help you explore the world.

You are feisty and sometimes stubborn. You love to eat anything and at anytime. You do not like riding in your car seat, especially when its dark out. You eat apples to the core and want to do everything your big sister does. Your giggle is adorable and I love when you laugh at yourself doing something silly.

You are God’s beautiful daughter and you will be forever loved by Him. I am excited for this next year as you will grow into toddlerhood and learn more and more each day. I love you so much and am always here for you baby girl!

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